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Photo Licensing and Use

Can I give your photos to our student-athletes? under NIL? At all?

Generally the answer to this is No.*

There are exceptions to this -- namely if you hired d3photography for an NCAA tournament game. The only way you can get those photos from the NCAA tournament or championship meet is to hire our photographer. We encourage you to share those images with your SAs. But we will not stop them from buying the photos from us separately. Each school's NIL policy is different, of course, and d3photography.com will never be your NIL distributor even if you hired us for the game. We do not have the staff or budget to hire the staff to manage that for you. 

If you wish to purchase this right from any game we have covered you can contact us at sales@d3photography.com to get a quote. Typically the price starts at $250/game but can go up from there depending on the event and the photographer.

* The exception to this is for NCAA championships since schools only have access to images because they purchased or agreed to purchase the images that is a different license. The "No" above applies to regular season events provided free of charge to schools and conferences.

Author: Ryan Coleman
Last update: 2024-04-26 18:57

What credit do I use on your photos?

Each school, if in good standing with d3photo, recieive access to our images at 2000px size for direct department use. You can crop and scale these images to your need but it must have a credit as outlined in the email.

In the case of a photographer of John Doe the expectation is something like John Doe, d3photography.com.

Other acceptable credit examples:
John Doe/d3photography.com
John Doe/d3photo
d3photo.com photo by John Doe

Please note that "d3photography" and "d3photo" are one word, lower case, and do not contain any other characters. While we are partnered with D3sports.com (D3football.com, D3hoops.com, D3baseball.com) we have our own style. 

If no credit is used on the image then the photo use is in violation with the terms of distribution and use and may be subject to invoicing based on the terms of the license agreed to at the time of download. If the photo was shared at hafltime by the photographer the license is implied.

You can avoid the credit requirement, and make the images available to your student-athletes via NIL, by purchasing the rights to the game from d3phorography.com. Prices start at $250 per event. Email sales@d3photography.com for more information. 

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Last update: 2023-10-06 04:59

Can I share your photos with our [other institutional department]?

Under the terms of the license only Athletics Communications has permission to use the photos. They should not be added (as is) to any image or photo library, shared with any other departments (communications, marketing, or other) within your instituion. 

We do, however, consider all requests for use. Generally speaking requests made for marketing materials for prospective students is typically approved at not cost, however fundraising use of our images is strongly discouraged and the request for those images is often an invoice item. 

Rates vary from use to use but they start at $50 for an image use below 3 column inches up to, and possibly exceeding, $500 for a full page image. Revenue generated from these sales directly benefits the photographer.

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Last update: 2023-09-09 17:25

Wait... but I paid for your photos from the NCAA or Destination Tournament... what about then?

We have always stood behind the principle that if you hired us, if there was a financial transaction, then your images are in the clear. With very few exceptions (which as of this publishing, September 2023, has not been put into action) the photos paid for from d3photo LLC acn be used and credited in any manner. 

If you have not received a full resolution photo from an event the likelihood is you do not own the redistribution or reproduction rights to the images. Please contact support@d3photography.com with the filename (if it still has the original YYMMDD format) and/or event ndate and teams/sport for more details. 

You may choose to credit our photographers for the events you've paid for (NCAA championships, tournaments, destination tournaments*, etc) but it is definitely not a requirement.

* As of publishing the list of destination tournaments includes:
UMAC Dome Day (2005-2007)
Luther Dome Day (2014-2019)
D3hoops.com Classic (2008-Present)
Hoopsville Classic
Florida and Arizona Spring Break Baseball

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Last update: 2023-09-09 17:35

Can I purchase an entire game's worth of photos from d3photography?

Yes. The public can purchase any game in the form of proofs (2000px images) or full size originals (typically 15MP or larger). The cost for a full gallery of proof images (with a private use license without reproduction rights) starts at $250.

Access to an entire gallery of original, unedited, full resolution images often start at $500 per event.

Author: Ryan Coleman
Last update: 2023-10-03 17:06

Purchasing Photos

Can I have watermark-free photos for free?

In a word: No. 

d3photo represents a group of photographers and those photographers are not paid for their time by d3photo, the schools at the event, their respective conferences nor the NCAA and as such are not subject to the NIL rules of the schools, the conferences, the NCAA or local jurisdictions. 

We fully understand that student-athletes, and students in general, are financially strapped for many years during and after their education and we are dedicated to making sure these photos are available for years to come through our websites. But the NCAA has a bylaw that forbids student-athletes from accepting something that is not available to the general public that has a value associated with it and d3photo's photographs all have a set value on the marketplace and any requests for these images (if we were to fulfill them) would be an instantaneous NCAA violation for the recipient. 

This rule is also applied to their family and friends. Active SAs who make repeated requests for 'free' images will be reported to their school's NCAA compliance officer.

There are no exceptions to this rule. To further our protection of the student-athlete's eligibilty to play in the eyes of the NCAA we also do not allow parent photographers to cover their child's event for us, either. 

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Last update: 2023-09-11 04:02

How do I purchase prints or digital files?

If you see the page header that mentions Portfolio you're in the right place -- that is our Photo Shelter website. 

If that header is not there but you have this one: 

Then you will want to wait a day so we can get it cross-posted. On msot game days we link within a few hours but if it hasn't been in 2 days please send us an email. Any time we are told about an old gallery that hasn't been posted to Photo Shelter we send a coupon code back as a thank you. 

If you see "Add to Cart" on your page then you know you're in the right spot.

When you click "Add to Cart" on an image page it will offer you print sizes for photos, there is a "Downloads" tab on that page that contains the digital file options.
After selecting quantities of size or a download option the "Add to cart" button at the bottom will turn green. 

If you have any problems with the process we encourage you to email Photo Shelter at support@photoshelter.com. d3photo can provide some assistance but most of the questions we receive about orders requires their assistance.

Author: Ryan Coleman
Last update: 2023-10-06 04:22

How do I purchase an entire event's gallery?

For team sports you may be able to purchase all the images from an event in bulk.

Prices vary from photographer to photographer but they start at $200 for small size (1500px) images. For most events this is less than $1 per image. However these images will have a single d3photo watermark in the center of the image.  An example is available below.

Not all photographers or events are available as part of this program. For more information you will need to contact sales@d3photography.com with the date, teams participating in your event, and the sport to receive a quote. 

All sales are final. 

Watermark-free versions are available as well and quotes for those galleries are made on a case-by-case basis. Details on that can be found here

Click here to view the file at 1500px with the watermark.

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General Questions

What does "#exodus2015" mean?

There's a long long story that backs this but the Reader's Digest™ version goes like this:

Exodus 20:15, which may be the more recognizable format, is the the Christian Old Testament (Jewish Torah) passage:


We started using this hashtag on all our social media posts in early 2018 when we discovered that The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota (another FAQ topic) was discovered selling our photos on their SmugMug website without our permission. The campaign is now a permanent fixture in the d3photo community and serves as a rallying cry for photographers' rights and trademark protection. 
In the future the full story of how this school took our images, sold them, denied liability and responsibility, banned d3photo (and later D3sports.com), unbanned both groups, and continues to hide behind their lawyers skirting their not only civil duty but also christian responibilities (note we are not capitalizing the word there) will be published at https://exodus-2015.com/ -- but as of the time of writing this FAQ we have not published anything there. 

Suffice it to say - we are the defenders of our photographers' rights and we will stand up and fight for as long as we can continue to do so. If you like our work please purchase digital files and prints so that the photographer(s) are able to continue covering these events. 

Author: Ryan Coleman
Last update: 2023-09-11 04:01

Why do we call them "The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota"?

Bethel University stole from us. Starting in 2013, and ending in the spring of 2018, they posted every event that d3photography.com covered on their SmugMug website and had those photos for sale.

These photos were shared with the school under a license that had an explicit "no transfer" clause however they ignored this and listed them for sale. The sale being a transfer (as well as sending photos to other entities without our permission) we enforced our license terms and remitted to them an invoice for $159,800.00 (see here). 

Their response to this situation has been a master class to all 400+ NCAA Division III schools on how not to handle a massive error in judgment by a staff member (or student worker, administrator, etc.) and their continued insolence and disregard for the fraud they committed to their fans, student-athletes, their families, the rest of the Bethel community, the MIAC and the whole of NCAA Division III has resulted in their losing the honor of being able to retian their name within the d3photography.com family of websites. 

In 2019 we stopped referring to them by their full name and, on July 1, 2023, we started removal of their name altogether from our websites (note that D3sports.com is not a part of d3photo) and this process will take some time. We also have stopped using the short code "BTHL" and replaced it officially with TSIAH and will continue to use that code, the name "The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota" and "The Arden Hills school" in all our correspondence and any releases until the university has paid their invoice in full or at such a time and meetings have been had between d3photography and TSIAH administration have occured and terms have been agreed upon to settle the matter of their repeated acts of careless disregard over the rights of our photographers. 

Sweeping this matter under the rug, as they appear to have attempted, has simply compounded their culpability as each correspondence in the past (from both their athletics communications staff as well as their legal counsel) has admitted they did, in fact, fraudulently misrepresent ownership of the photos and pocketed the funds paid by their students, their families, and fans through their website while simultaneously claiming they are not liable for the actions of those 'former employees'. 

P.S. If you have the funds and wish to pay the bill for TSIAH you can use the link above.  However if the university continues to be unwilling to discuss the matter with us our policy will not be changing.

Author: Ryan Coleman
Last update: 2023-09-06 21:13


How do I subscribe to my schedule calendar on my device?

You can subscribe to your schedule on your device(s). Not sure how? Click here and add your device or calendar program name to the search and update.

Use this URL to add your subscribed calendar: https://photographers.d3photography.com/calendars/ical.php?user=USERID
Your USERID appears in your weekly email at the end of the email.

This is the same calendar that the admins have for tracking your games. It will show you team rankings and will also identify games that you have been hired for (if there are any).

Questions or issues adding the feed? Email Ryan at support@d3photography.com and include as much detail as possible (screenshots, program names, etc.).

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