How do I purchase prints or digital files?

If you see the page header that mentions Portfolio you're in the right place -- that is our Photo Shelter website. 

If that header is not there but you have this one: 

Then you will want to wait a day so we can get it cross-posted. On msot game days we link within a few hours but if it hasn't been in 2 days please send us an email. Any time we are told about an old gallery that hasn't been posted to Photo Shelter we send a coupon code back as a thank you. 

If you see "Add to Cart" on your page then you know you're in the right spot.

When you click "Add to Cart" on an image page it will offer you print sizes for photos, there is a "Downloads" tab on that page that contains the digital file options.
After selecting quantities of size or a download option the "Add to cart" button at the bottom will turn green. 

If you have any problems with the process we encourage you to email Photo Shelter at d3photo can provide some assistance but most of the questions we receive about orders requires their assistance.

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