Can I have watermark-free photos for free?

In a word: No. 

d3photo represents a group of photographers and those photographers are not paid for their time by d3photo, the schools at the event, their respective conferences nor the NCAA and as such are not subject to the NIL rules of the schools, the conferences, the NCAA or local jurisdictions. 

We fully understand that student-athletes, and students in general, are financially strapped for many years during and after their education and we are dedicated to making sure these photos are available for years to come through our websites. But the NCAA has a bylaw that forbids student-athletes from accepting something that is not available to the general public that has a value associated with it and d3photo's photographs all have a set value on the marketplace and any requests for these images (if we were to fulfill them) would be an instantaneous NCAA violation for the recipient. 

This rule is also applied to their family and friends. Active SAs who make repeated requests for 'free' images will be reported to their school's NCAA compliance officer.

There are no exceptions to this rule. To further our protection of the student-athlete's eligibilty to play in the eyes of the NCAA we also do not allow parent photographers to cover their child's event for us, either. 

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