Why do we call them "The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota"?

Bethel University stole from us. Starting in 2013, and ending in the spring of 2018, they posted every event that d3photography.com covered on their SmugMug website and had those photos for sale.

These photos were shared with the school under a license that had an explicit "no transfer" clause however they ignored this and listed them for sale. The sale being a transfer (as well as sending photos to other entities without our permission) we enforced our license terms and remitted to them an invoice for $159,800.00 (see here). 

Their response to this situation has been a master class to all 400+ NCAA Division III schools on how not to handle a massive error in judgment by a staff member (or student worker, administrator, etc.) and their continued insolence and disregard for the fraud they committed to their fans, student-athletes, their families, the rest of the Bethel community, the MIAC and the whole of NCAA Division III has resulted in their losing the honor of being able to retian their name within the d3photography.com family of websites. 

In 2019 we stopped referring to them by their full name and, on July 1, 2023, we started removal of their name altogether from our websites (note that D3sports.com is not a part of d3photo) and this process will take some time. We also have stopped using the short code "BTHL" and replaced it officially with TSIAH and will continue to use that code, the name "The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota" and "The Arden Hills school" in all our correspondence and any releases until the university has paid their invoice in full or at such a time and meetings have been had between d3photography and TSIAH administration have occured and terms have been agreed upon to settle the matter of their repeated acts of careless disregard over the rights of our photographers. 

Sweeping this matter under the rug, as they appear to have attempted, has simply compounded their culpability as each correspondence in the past (from both their athletics communications staff as well as their legal counsel) has admitted they did, in fact, fraudulently misrepresent ownership of the photos and pocketed the funds paid by their students, their families, and fans through their website while simultaneously claiming they are not liable for the actions of those 'former employees'. 

P.S. If you have the funds and wish to pay the bill for TSIAH you can use the link above.  However if the university continues to be unwilling to discuss the matter with us our policy will not be changing.

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