What does "#exodus2015" mean?

There's a long long story that backs this but the Reader's Digest™ version goes like this:

Exodus 20:15, which may be the more recognizable format, is the the Christian Old Testament (Jewish Torah) passage:


We started using this hashtag on all our social media posts in early 2018 when we discovered that The School in Arden Hills, Minnesota (another FAQ topic) was discovered selling our photos on their SmugMug website without our permission. The campaign is now a permanent fixture in the d3photo community and serves as a rallying cry for photographers' rights and trademark protection. 
In the future the full story of how this school took our images, sold them, denied liability and responsibility, banned d3photo (and later D3sports.com), unbanned both groups, and continues to hide behind their lawyers skirting their not only civil duty but also christian responibilities (note we are not capitalizing the word there) will be published at https://exodus-2015.com/ -- but as of the time of writing this FAQ we have not published anything there. 

Suffice it to say - we are the defenders of our photographers' rights and we will stand up and fight for as long as we can continue to do so. If you like our work please purchase digital files and prints so that the photographer(s) are able to continue covering these events. 

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