Wait... but I paid for your photos from the NCAA or Destination Tournament... what about then?

We have always stood behind the principle that if you hired us, if there was a financial transaction, then your images are in the clear. With very few exceptions (which as of this publishing, September 2023, has not been put into action) the photos paid for from d3photo LLC acn be used and credited in any manner. 

If you have not received a full resolution photo from an event the likelihood is you do not own the redistribution or reproduction rights to the images. Please contact support@d3photography.com with the filename (if it still has the original YYMMDD format) and/or event ndate and teams/sport for more details. 

You may choose to credit our photographers for the events you've paid for (NCAA championships, tournaments, destination tournaments*, etc) but it is definitely not a requirement.

* As of publishing the list of destination tournaments includes:
UMAC Dome Day (2005-2007)
Luther Dome Day (2014-2019)
D3hoops.com Classic (2008-Present)
Hoopsville Classic
Florida and Arizona Spring Break Baseball

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