What credit do I use on your photos?

Each school, if in good standing with d3photo, recieive access to our images at 2000px size for direct department use. You can crop and scale these images to your need but it must have a credit as outlined in the email.

In the case of a photographer of John Doe the expectation is something like John Doe, d3photography.com.

Other acceptable credit examples:
John Doe/d3photography.com
John Doe/d3photo
d3photo.com photo by John Doe

Please note that "d3photography" and "d3photo" are one word, lower case, and do not contain any other characters. While we are partnered with D3sports.com (D3football.com, D3hoops.com, D3baseball.com) we have our own style. 

If no credit is used on the image then the photo use is in violation with the terms of distribution and use and may be subject to invoicing based on the terms of the license agreed to at the time of download. If the photo was shared at hafltime by the photographer the license is implied.

You can avoid the credit requirement, and make the images available to your student-athletes via NIL, by purchasing the rights to the game from d3phorography.com. Prices start at $250 per event. Email sales@d3photography.com for more information. 

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