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What is d3photo's licensing practices for images?

For all home/away events (with a few exclusions listed below) d3photo shares the proof-sized images with the schools in participating in the event. These images are 1000x1500 pixels and do not contain any watermarks; in fact they are the very images we build our photo galleries from.

Each school's communications department (within most Sports Information departments actually lie) are allowed to use the iamges withotu limit in the following environment provided appropriate credit or attribution is given to the particular image:

  • Athletics website
  • Athletics program (when provided at no charge to fans)
  • Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus or any other social media platform that does not offer purchasing of images or prints (for example posting images to Flickr, Snapfish, Shutterfly or any other resale platform is strictly forbidden).

Any other use of the images provided to the schools must be requested in writing by emailing licensing@d3photography.com with the filename, use and expected circulation. A fee may apply for use of the image.

Appropriate Crediting

Because we have a brand to maintain and we are giving use of the images we have a few different ways in which you can attribute the images you use. For example, if John Doe is the photographer, the following options are available, and must exist in proximity of the image in text format or on the image itself:
John Doe, d3photography.com
John Doe/d3photography.com
John Doe, d3photo
John Doe/d3photo

d3photo photo by John Doe

Any use of our images without appropriate credit may result in an invoice of $50 per use (each website and platform constitutes a use) as per the text at the bottom of every email we send with the images.

We also include links to our photo galleries on D3sports.com's websites through PrestoSports so if you are a Presto customer you can also include them in your website. 

Exclusions for sharing proofs

We have a few events/tournaments for which we do not share the images. The most basic rule we apply is when the coverage costs d3photo money. Those events include: All NCAA tournament games, all Hoopsville and D3hoops.com Invitational games as well as other regular season tournaments. In those cases each school (excluding hosts) will receive an email with an opportunity to hire our photographer for the event(s) at a discounted rate which will include access to the proof images as well as the original files for use on their website and any other institutional need. 

We also are available on a single-game basis for full rights photography which is handled on a need-by-need basis by contacting us at licensing@d3photography.com. Depending on the availablity of photographers and any travel needs we cannot speculate on a base cost.

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